Tacos Tacos Tacos

Taco Bar
Minimum order 25 portions

    Bar includes a choice of 2 taco fillings (choices below), salsa, guacamole, cheese dip, chips, 2 sides, soft flour and soft corn tortillas, heavy duty disposable place settings, serving utensils, sternos and chafing dishes

$20.00 per person
Additional  taco fillings $1 each per person



Tacos by the pound

1 pound of taco meat will make approximately 8 tacos

3 pound minimum order for each item.  Example...if you order the fish tacos

you must order at least 3 pounds or more.

Tacos will come with whatever toppings that accompany the taco you choose. Example...fish taco will

come with tortillas, Poblano tartar sauce and pickled jalapenos


    Taqueria del Sol House brisket - Topped with Pico de Gallo

South by Southwest - Brisket with sweet onion mayonnaise, lettuce and New Mexican chilies

Brisket Diablo - Tender shredded brisket with a spicy chile/garlic tomato salsa

Cheeseburger - Ground beef with cheese, lettuce, tomato and lime jalapeño mayonnaise

Chicken   $30/pound


    Taqueria del Sol fried chicken - Lime jalapeño mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato

Tamarind - Fried chicken with tamarind red chili glaze, and a mango salsa

Not fried

                       Chicken Tinga - Chicken breast strips sautéed with Chipotle peppers, tomatoes,                              onions and topped with lettuce and sour cream

Original Chicken - Breast chunks simmered in a tomatillo/green chili sauce

Pork   $30/pound

    Taqueria del Sol Memphis - Smoked pork with jalapeño Cole slaw and BBQ sauce

Taqueria del Sol Carnita - Salsa frita, cilantro and onions


Fish   $30/pound

    Taqueria del Sol fish taco - Fried with pickled jalapeños and Poblano tartar sauce


Shrimp $34/pound

Nutty shrimp - Baby shrimp tossed in a pecan/almond flour with honey Habanero mayonnaise

"The Bob" - Fried shrimp with Crawfish mayonnaise, lettuce and pickled jalapenos

Vegetarian $28/pound

    Taqueria del Sol vegetarian refried bean - roasted tomatillo salsa and white cheese

Mixed mushroom - Roasted peppers, chilies, onions, spinach and topped with marinated tomatoes