Ta ~Que~ria BBQ

After years of hearing
"We can't decide between BBQ or Tacos for our party"
we've decided to now offer both!!!
Introducing the     Ta-"QUE"-ria    BBQ menu
Most of the food we make is rooted not only in Southwestern and Mexican cuisine but also in traditional Southern foods with a
...as we like to say "South by Southwest" ...
This makes the addition of a BBQ menu a natural progression.
All of our meats are prepared in house using our delicious spicy dry rub and cooked over a combination of oak and hickory in our Ole Hickory smoker....

slow and low taking up to 14 hours to prepare. 
Along with the meats we have a selection of great sauces, side dishes and some fantastic desserts to choose from.


1 pound of meat feeds 4 for sandwiches or 2-3 as meat only

1 slab of St. Louis style ribs (12-13 bones) will feed 2-3 people
As you can guess BBQ is something not to be rushed, therefore we require a minimum 48 hour notice for all BBQ orders.

Pork - Chopped or pulled (10 pounds minimum order)                              $22 per pound

Brisket - Chopped or sliced (10 pounds minimum order)                           $26 per pound

Bone-in whole chickens (5 bird minimum order)                                           $16 each

St. Louis Style pork spare ribs (6 slab minimum order)                               $28 per slab

Yucatan style pork: (10 pounds minimum order)                                      $24 per pound
Pork butt marinated in Mojo marinade (garlic/citrus), rubbed with a traditional Mexican Achiote paste then wrapped in banana leaves and smoked till tender. Served with a side of pineapple serrano salsa. 

All meat comes with choice of BBQ sauces

BBQ bar
Choice of 2 meats, 3 sides, sauces, home made pickles, bread, rolls, tortillas, heavy duty disposable place settings,paper towels and wet naps
chafing dishes, and serving utensils

$18.00 per person
additional meat selection $1 per person except ribs $3 per person

Minimum order 25 portions


$36 per gallon

Jalapeno mac and cheese
BBQ ranch beans with pork cracklins
Fresh vegetable pasta salad with basil dressing and Cotija cheese
Smashed red bliss potatoes with scallions, Jack cheese, Tabasco and bacon
Taqueia del Sol jalapeno Cole slaw

Taqueria del Sol original BBQ sauce
Carolina BBQ with Creole mustard (the yellow kind)
North Carolina Style (yep, the vinegar kind)
Smoky Sol Fire BBQ
  original TDS bbq kicked up with a mix of extra chilies including Habanero, Ghost and Chipotle chilies
$5 pint        $8 quart